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It's another Friday Full of Fun in your Favorite AE Games!

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AdventureQuest Worlds 13LOC

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Confront Drakath, Champion of Chaos! (Complete all 12 Chaos Sagas to begin. Legends can begin the adventure immediately!)
  • Doctor Who 50th anniversary Rares shop and quests!
  • NEW gear in Quibble's Chaos shop
  • Name changes now available in AQW! Check it out on the Design Notes.



  • Celebrate a bountiful harvest in EpicDuel.
  • Rabblefroth is summoning last year's Thanksgiving rares to join the spooky Halloween rares. 
  • More rares means you'll need space to store them all, so we are introducing BankBots.
  • BankBots are the first interactive house items. 
    • Store your valuable rares or random mission items into BankBots. 
    • Fill your BankBot? You can buy more storage or additional BankBots.
    • We are giving a limited-space BankBot to everyone for free! 
    • Visit any one of your homes to test this amazing new feature!



  • Thanksgiving Seasonal Character Release!
    • Bill the Apprentice
    • Bill the Hunter
    • Bill the Assassin
    • Revonthurkey
  • The Halloween Seasonal Rares are GONE!
  • Game Update: 
    • Resonance (Story Suggestion Winner, The Jop)
    • Cyber Void
  • Current Card Custom Packs
    • Fire and Water
  • 1st Upholder: Players who bought Soul Gems between October 31st and January 1st will have access to the 1st Upholder!
  • Skexis Variant



  • San Robin's first quest in DragonFable! 
  • Sir Stephen of Coldbear will be giving an interview to remember!



  • Past Unravelled War!
    • The past, present ,and future are threatened when the The Hall of Memories begins to malfunction.
    • Battle through this war as you are transported to many past events. 
      • We have dug up some very old, fun stuff from Aq’s past!
  • Introducing Scion Feruig of the Nachtfee, our "What AQ Means to Me" NPC Contest Winner!

MechQuest Mustache You


  • A Hairy Situation begins today, November 22, and continues next week. 


Battle On!

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Magician_of_dragons: One thing to sat about the story so far for the 13th chaos lord........... I VOLUNTEER TO BE THE FINAL CHAOS LORD!!
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Magician_of_dragons: *say*
captaindoom: will there be a new evil after Drakath or will it be random realse that don't connect with a story line
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AErules: XD mustache you a question
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Lelouch2411: Guys can you fix the monster akriloth in the aqlesson map! I cannot finish the Iadoa quests because of that and can you make the Drakath battle a permanent part of the game or extend it atleast!!
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captaindoom: fighting drakath is perament i belive