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News Flash: New Releases in Your Favorite Flash Games!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Chaos Lord Showdown
    • Gaze into the Mirror Realm
    • Slay the Chaos Beast Harpy
    • Defeat Xiang, the 2nd Lord of Chaos
  • Quibble’s Rare Items!
    • Amazing Armors from the Mirror & Chaos Realms
    • Wondrous Weapons of Good, Evil, and Chaos
  • Secret High-Level map for Legends only
    • Can you find it…and can you survive it?!?



  • Prepare for one of the most comprehensive balance updates EpicDuel has ever seen! 
  • Every class will be affected as we focus on making battle more interesting, strategic, and fair. 
  • Stay tuned to the EpicDuel Design Notes for a complete list of changes! 

 OverSoul Combo Bonus


  • Rares given out last year to stress/alpha testers, have been given their Rankups! 
    • Voidknight Rankup  
    • Skexis Fiend Rankup 
  • FOUNDER'S Privilege!
    • You have one last chance to obtain permenant rares for that year: Rev Egg, Keyblade Rev and Rainbowthesus!
  • Combo Bonuses are Live!
    • 5 hit Combo = Damage Buff Plus a slight chance to Stun.
    • 3 Hit Combo = Damage Buff Plus a slight chance to add a DOT.
  • 1st Upholder: Players who bought Soul Gems between October 31st and January 1st will have access to the 1st Upholder!
  • Bill Assassin and the seasonal Thanksgiving characters go live again next week! 
  • The Haloween Seasonal Rares are leaving NEXT WEEK!



  • Beleen's Shop update!
    • New hairstyles!
    • Now using the revised hair template system for the Male and Female hairs
  • Sunday Limited Time Shop 'Rares' items will be gone!



    • San Robin's first quest in DragonFable! 
    • Sir Stephen of Coldbear will be giving an interview to remember!



  • Dragon Knight Set!
    • Warlic has detected an ancient and powerful magic hidden deep in the mountains.
      • Inside lies a dangerous maze with over 60 rooms plus sinister traps and sub-bosses!
      • Survive this maze, you will find an incredibly powerful new set - Dragon Knight!
      • But be warned - It is said power corrupts, and this power corrupts absolutely.... 


Battle On!

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