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Spooktacular Online Game Releases

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Happy Mogloween!
  • Challenge Boss Fight
    • Frankenwerepire
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Items
    • Turn in items to the Merge Shop
  • Mogloween Rare items
  • Aklen’s Featured Artist Shop
    • Plasma Pyro TOO hot to handle!
    • Pyro items going RARE Friday, November 1
  • LAST CHANCE for 5th Upholder
    • Offer leaves 11:59pm EST on October 31
  • Earn 10% more AdventureCoins
    • Order any AC bundle with your Credit Card by November 1
  • Luck of the Draw Contest
    • Lucky Grand Prize winner receives one-of-a-kind Armor Set by Dage the Evil
    • 1001 prizes will be awarded



  • The battle against Chairman Platinum is over, but the party is just getting started! Grab your Model L and join in the fun!
    • New Arcade game
    • New Musk and Ebil-themed items
    • Pumpkin scavenger hunt 
    • Chance to win an EPIC Varium jackpot with a new Creative Carving Contests!



  • New Characters In-game! 
    • Claw Druid
    • Lycan
    • Dark Lycan
    • Gold Lycan
    • Frost Lycan
    • Abomination
    • Zombie
    • Dread Hound
  • Coming Soon:
    • Combos: 5 hit Combo - Damage Buff Plus slight chance to Stun. 3 Hit Combo -Damage Buff Plus slight chance to add a DOT.
    • Skexis and Void Knight Rank ups!
    • Monthly Rare Character Releases! 



  • PumpCON and AS Boo!
    • Return of the PumpCON Badge!
    • More new items such as the doll and candy outfits!



  • Day of the Dead (Releasing Saturday!)
    • Valtrith’s minions continue to attack and it’s getting time to really introduce you to Symone DuBellmount, the last of her line of Shadow Hunters! Do you have what it takes to help continue their legacy?
    • Start collecting the hearts of Valtrith's minions and earn your Mogloween Masks!



  • Dangerous Parallels
    • After damaging the face of Lore by tampering with the Shadow Universe, the SeekRat went deep into hiding....perhaps preparing for his next evil scheme.
    • ElBhe has reported that a brand new issue has arisen....his tampering also weakened the boundaries between some of the other parallel universes!
    • Log in this week to join the fight against all new elemental hybrids!
    • Tons of awesome rewards!
  • November Z-Token Package - Ninemares!
    • Now the free bonus item that comes with the 7500 Z-Token package!
    • Switch between Ice and Darkness forms!



  • Release: Happy Mogloween! Jack welcomes you back to Planet Mortis to revisit past events.
  • The Birthday Mecha shipment has arrived at Tek's Mechs. Ride the Floorivator to the party!


Battle On!


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Zali Blackclaw
Zali Blackclaw: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN! Also it reminds me of the Alpha werewolf in AQ when the text on the top of the screen says "The alpha werewolf instills within you a primal fear"(not to exact text). That, my friends is TRUE triskaidekaphobia.
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lordvermion: um what happened to battlegems?
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lordvermion: i thought it was to come out in october?