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New Online Game Releases Just Launched!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Swordhaven Falls: Chaos Flames
  • Chaos Beast & Chaos Lord Showdown
    • 3-headed Chaos Dragon
    • King Alteon, the 12th Lord of Chaos
  • Final week to become a 5thUpholder
    • 5 RARE Star Swords
    • 5th Upholder Character Page Badge
  • Bonus 5th Birthday Gift: 200 FREE AdventureCoins for Levels 15 and higher
  • Oracle Class in progress for helping us reach 1,000,000 Facebook Likes!
    • Free for ALL players
    • Marked 0 ACs for FREE storage for ever!
  • Special Offer: 10% More AdventureCoins!
    • Just order ACs with your Credit Card
    • Hurry, deal ends November 2nd!



  • The epic clash continues! Help Elon Musk convert he Ebilcorp factory into a source of solar-powered awesome! 
    • Musk is offering some amazing goodies in this factory, including cores, vehicles and some incredible powers. 
      • What powers you ask? How about the power of flight!



  • Watch for previews this week of what is coming next week for Halloween!



  • PumpCON 2013!
    • Return of the PumpCON Badge!
    • New head morphs and gear!

 promo symone.jpg


  • Monster Mash
    • Lord Valtrith has been busy! Are you ready to mash?



  • Mogloween 2013
    • Visit fellow player's houses in the hunt for candy
    • Eat candy or spend it in the Candy Shop for tons of awesome prizes
    • Creepy, new quest involving the children of Eukara's classroom



  • Release: Mr Z arrives in Soluna City to launch the 10-25 Holiday
    • 10 NG items, 10 days, 25% off Discount starts 10-25 thru 11/4 
    • Holiday shops with fireworks
    • 10 Starship items, 10 Weapons ,10 Mechas


Battle On!

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mAhmoud: انابحب هزه العبة جدا جدا
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Clarion: Rough English translation is "I love this game very, very".
Magician_of_dragons: I just remembered! If the GOOD King Altion turnd into a chaos lord, what happened to the Mirror Realm's EVIL King Altion?
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Fife M
Fife M: Aqw: Stupid dragon beast, evil horrid Drakath, grumble grumble... Gamers are not going to be happy about the ending of this release. DO YOU PEOPLE EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU DO TO ME??!?!?!?!!! THE FEELS, OH THE FEELS!!!!!! But I guess I predicted it from the beginning... D.: OH IT HURTS D.: I don't know how my sister will react to what I tell her... She's been along the adventure this whole time with me, even though she doesn't play, and I think I'm gonna go sob with her. I hope Gravelyn does more than scratch Drakath next time... Maybe stab him through the gut... Or give him a million paper cuts and then dip him in pure lemon juice... (Especially after Iodoa... That made me cry... And the Trolls and Horcs... Cry there too... And everything else he's done...) Why were they acting like Brittany died? Did she? It didn't seem like that...And regardless, where did Alteon take her? YOU BETTER FIX MY PAIN!!!!!!!! In conclusion though, just be careful not to rush, you've taken 5 years to do twelve (Rushed through that release, but you can mostly get away with it cause it's been long coming) but it loses something, some element of characters and players being involved when you rush it. Just a concerned warning. OH THE FEELS!!!!
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kabimarta1: OMG Ultra Chaos Dragon was impossible! You should've seen how high the damage for its Chaos Apocalypse attack was. I've been trying to beat that thing for a while. PS. Poor Alteon, I knew him well. Surprisingly, his Chaos Lord armor set was all free-player, unlike previous Chaos Lord armor set, which were a mix of Legend and free-player, with the armors themselves being Legend-only.
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quadrakiller: i cant open the game menu in the AQW,what i do now?
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ingomarelementary: Loved this release! The FEELS...
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quadrakiller: there is 1 problem in that release:the sponzard.when i try to open the game menu i cant then i saw that damm thing of sponzard,i closed it but that dont worked.
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legendari: nice game i like the game and i will be make same game
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