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New Video Game Releases at Artix!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • BattleCon 2013: The World’s 1st In-Game Game Convention Continues!
  • 5th Birthday Celebration!
  • New Class: Dragon Shinobi
  • Live Draws from AQW Artists
  • Avoid ambushes by BrutalCorn and the Invisible Imposter Guard Ninjas
  • Invisible Ninja Armors
  • Help Artix the WindowSlayer take out all of the OTHER windows
  • Knock out the Green Screamers in the Green Room
  • Battle through the Soundbooth of Horror
  • Clean out the Skeletons in our Server Closet
  • Take on Ultra BrutalCorn in the Room of Gloom
  • Five Rings Warrior Armor Sets
  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Artist livedraws AND BrutalCorn attacks video events in BattleCon!



  • Ebilcorp is back with a vengeance! 
    • Chairman Platinum is attempting to suck Delta V dry of all it's precious resources. 
    • Fortunately, a more benevolent businessman, Elon Musk, has arrived on Delta V and he's ready to help. 
    • Complete Musk's missions to defeat the Chairman and dismantle his life-sucking factory. 
    • To help you on your journey, Musk is selling 4 new passive cores to give your stats a much-needed boost! 



  • Void Cowboy and Ancient Shogun!
    • Void Cowboy (Void Incarnate Rankup) Art Work Courtesy of Roroth!
    • Void Cowgirl (Void Incarnate Rankup)
    • Ancient Shogun (Crypt Samurai Rankup)
  • The Seasonal Barvaria and Augustiner's return!
  • Custom Card Rotation: Ice and Shadow
  • Alpha Pirette is leaving!
  • Coming Soon: Monthly Rare Character Releases! 
    • They will leave once the month is over but will return again when that month comes around again.



  • Look for more Cosplay items with a PumpCon feel and PumpCon is coming soon!

 Mogloween promo.jpg


  • Visit Past Mogloweens in the story book!



  • Dragon War Steel
    • Aq celebrates it’s 11th year with a classic dragon war... of steel!
    • Meet the Fear Drake’s armies on the field of battle and take the assault to his domain - Mt. Fear!
  • October Golden Giftboxes
    • Savage new Werewolf Form!
    • Deadly new Pygmy Zombie Entourage!



  • Coming Soon: 
    • The 6th Anniversary Birthday Mecha Model will arrive at Tek's Party Downstairs next week!
    • Mogloween decorations coming to Soluna City


Battle On!

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Deni: Awsome! Can't Wait!
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AEfan: Neither can i
bjeble: I predict that Battle Gems will be out by mid-November or earlier. Great releases too.
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Coolbreaker: When Oracles class will be release?
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Zagito: Work on the Oracle Class, the reward for getting 1 million Likes on Facebook, is almost complete! We've got art, now we just need to finalize the skills, then we'll get that out to you all! Stay tuned for more news on later this week.
DF Mega-Fan
DF Mega-Fan: They're out right now! go to the game menu, click more shops, then more classes, and the Oracle set shop should show up. :)
Joegreenbeen: Parents are buying new computer tonight so I'll be able to "Battle On"^_^ Again.
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AEfan: Cant hold they awesomeness XD
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Zagito: I play DragonFable!
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saifazeem: artix me and my frnds have a problem we have a ptr city tester badge and we are not even members
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ingomarelementary: Only one person in your guild had to be a legend and they only had to /join guildhall in order for everyone to get the badge! ^^