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Tricks and Treats in New Game Releases!

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New game release in AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • New Class: BattleMage
  • 5thUpholders are here!
    • 5 Star Swords
    • 5th Upholder Character Page Badge
    • Unlock past years’ Star Swords if you’re a previous Upholder
    • 2 new Founder-Only Dragon Pets
  • Just revealed: the 12th Lord of Chaos
  • Mogloween Returns
    • Seasonal Rare items
  • Treasure Map Hunt Shop Updates
    • Access ALL the gear EVER added  
    • New Royal Dragoon Set
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Blood Shadowcaster Armor Set



  • Take another spin at Valestra's Arcade to try Hazard Havoc! 
    • Featuring never-before-seen items! This game is sure to offer an interesting treat with ever play!
  • We are awarding all players a free Fortune City Efficiency "starter home" to use and decorate! 
    • The new arcade game is offering a chance for unique home items. Collect them all and be the envy of Delta V!



  • Knight Class V
    • Last of the 4 Kingdoms
    • Tyranna will train you as a Demon Knight of Stormfallen
    • Powerful new abilities
    • Awesome Demon Knight gear
  • October Z-Token Package: Glass Cannon Pet
    • Replacing Paramount Edge/Shield as bonus item with 12,000 token package
    • Most devestating pet to date
    • Deals bonus damage at a cost of more damage to you



  • Explore the caves under Atrea and recover a special mineral for your Void Ship
  • Watch for Weapon set drops & check out the DC Shop 



  • Check out the first round of items in the new Cosplay shop 
    • More cosplay items will be added based on winning choices via poll of AE Forums, so go vote!
  • Friday 13th shop leaving (returns this December with new items!



  • 6th Birthday and TLaPD continues!
    • Parrot Launcher shoulder weapon with new colors & new specials arrives in the shops (NSC, SC, NG)
    • Birthday Party at Tek's Mechs begins!
    • Choice button in Tek's for those who've completed EndGame - choose party. 
    • Cutscene updated for this year / Scrap's Delight replay / reissue of seasonal rare Ltd. ed. NG mechas
    • NEW Starship Items to commemorate 6th bday



  • Switching out seasonal rare Alpha Pirate with Alpha Pirette (Female Apprentice Pirate.)
    • Hidden on the map for a limited time.
  • Coming Next Week: New rank ups for existing characters! 

Battle ON!

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Gobna: Awesome!!! Love all releases :)
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defender_of_light: wow, the releases seems great , exept one thing, I think that you guys are doing to many dark-themed items, I mean, first you do the shadow sorcerer then the BLOOD shadowcaster. Cant you guys make an item that is neither good or evil themed that comes with the member package, please ?
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Dracomon: Wait, WHAT!?!?!? Alpha Pirate is coming back next year, RIGHT?!
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Gjappy: Alpha Pirate is a permanent rare, and will stay rare.
Sage: Alpha Pirate in Oversoul IS coming back next year along with Beta Pirate
undeadarti: Wow! You guys sure know how to make an awesome Halloween party!
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