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Brand New Game Releases on September 27, 2103

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Swordhaven Wedding!
    • Princess Brittany and Lord Brentan
    • Will King Alteon be able to walk his daughter down the aisle?
    • And will Chaos crash the wedding?!?
  • Player Suggestion Shop Update
  • Fall Shop just released
  • Wheel of Doom & Wheel of Destiny updates
  • Featured Artist Shop: Zoshi
    • 4 Monster Hunting Armors
    • 7 Weapons for your Hunters
    • 1 Pet: Hydra Battle Pet

EpicDuel Arcade 9.27.13


  • Step right up! Valestra has refurbished her old Arcade with better prizes than ever before! 
  • Earn or purchase Arcade Tokens to play for a chance to win crazy prizes, including some never-before-seen Arcade exclusives!
  • Complete with 3 games (3 prize pools), leaderboards, score tracking for each game, and evolving achievements!

AdventureQuest Ultimo War


  • Xovs Fire part I
    • Vephoma sends you a message, pinned to a two-bear of all things
    • Epic sea voyage to the Dark Lands
    • Must search the island to uncover Xov's scheme
    • New dulled creatures and awesome rewards await!
  • Sinister new scythe in the Limited-Time Shop

DF 9.27.13


  • New Ravenloss Quest to the Sandsea where You and Tomix will try to sneak through the seige on Atrea
  • Helm rewards
  • DC item drop shop


HeroSmash 9.27.13


  • More TLaPD items have arrived!
  • Coming Soon: 
    • New monsters for Movie Plex
    • Cosplay shop 
    • More quests 




  • Talk Like a Pirate Days Festival Continues
    • Updated Parrot Launcher with new art & higher-level versions


Battle ON!

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kabimarta1: HOLY... MOLY!!! (reaction to the third cutscene in the AQW release) I didn't think that would happen, but this...! (P.S. Can't wait to see the conclusion of the event next week!)
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berkenaber: Releases looking awesome. Especially Aqworlds
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Gobna: Awesome Releases!!! Great Job AE! I really like the wedding. Anyway the DragonFable release was hard to dodge those boulders but challenging. And also the AdventureQuest mosnters are hard to kill since the release is made for 100+ players and im only level 91. Anyway can't wait for next Friday!!! :D
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Gobna: What a coincidence I had a wedding this weekend as well :)
SilverDragonFoxNight: three words for the aqw last cut-scence, best.scene.ever. You guys have outdone yourselves in this event and you leave me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next. Wondrous job ^D^
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Legendium: DF is always undermined in these posts. *sigh*
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undeadarti: Whatttt?Wedding?Chaos?Together?DRAKATH HAS GONE WAY TOO FAR, THAT CRAZY LUNIAC!
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Magician_of_dragons: I just remembered! If the GOOD King Altion turnd into a chaos lord, what happened to the Mirror Realm's EVIL King Altion?
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