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Set Sail with New Game Releases for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day Shop
  • Legend-only Chaos Kraken Challenge battle
  • Top Hat merge shop w/ 30+ different hats for all players
  • Wheel of Destiny
  • Skull and Bones Blade in the Wheel of Doom merge shop
  • Ancient Skull and Bones Blade in the Wheel of Destiny merge shop
  • Chika's Birthday Shop



  • New Improved Arcade System coming SOON! With prizes better than ever before!
  • Get your Seasonal Pirate Gear for TLAPD!



  • Alpha Pirate's Seasonal Release with New Veteran Evolution is Live for a Limited Time!
    • Contest Winner and Alpha Pirate!
      • Go find the Art Suggestion Winner, BlackShock's, Mana Guardian with attack animations suggested by you, the players!
    • Oh yarr... there's also some pirates sprinkled into the mix matey!

DragonFable Mazurek.jpg


  • Talk Like A Pirate Day
    • Seasonal Shop - seasonal rares, new items from Cronix
    • Introducing New pirate NPC, Mazurek
  • Book 3 Ravenloss quest
    • Finding a Captain for the Void Ship
    • Visit a the pirate town of Osprey Cove; watch out for a ninja attack



  • Talk like a Pirate Day! (Next to Head Shop on Market Street)
  • Movie Plex Lobby is EXPANDED!  New Quest! And more will come!
  • Coming soon: new monster and boss monster for Movie Plex
  • New 'Action' doors will be added to MPlex lobby as well new 'Viewing Rooms' for more adventures!

AdventureQuest Host


  • Ghost Rusters and Talk Like a Pirate Day quests + Golden Giftbox update
    • Ghost Rusters
      • Ghosts swarming all over Battleon
      • Epic ghost-slaying campaign ensues
      • Survive long enough and discover the Haunted Blade pet
    • Talk Like a Pirate Day
      • Cap'n Rhubarb's pirate quiz will test your high-seas mettle
      • Returning and new loot waits to be claimed
  • Golden Giftboxes
    • Living Armor
    • Juicyfruit Weapon



  • TLaPD - Re-release of old quests
    • Graphic update to Boneyface head to make it new for this year. NSC, SC, and NG
    • L50 versions of Blundergat, Flintlock, & Cutlass (NSC, SC, and NG quest rewards from the past)
    • NEW Starship item: "Rhubarb's Shanty Generator" - based on the Poetry Generator (SC only, NG currency)

Battle ON!

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undeadarti: Sweet! A wheel of Destiny!
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boshfighter: Finally,an oversoul update!I Was expecting more than just two characters but this will do.For the other games, the updates are still good.
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stenmannen: The wheel of destiny is AEsome! -Sten mannen
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christoria the champion
christoria the champion: This OS update is awesome! just a quick question, the character switching element of the game briefly introduced in the artix v. nulgath vid, will that really be a thing?
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Gjappy: Not really sure.