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What are you... really?

Posted by Artix on
In my heart, I am a Paladin. I stand for truth, justice and to protect the innocent from the forces of evil. What are you? Are you an animal loving & protecting ranger, do you thirst for knowledge like a wizard, or do you find yourself best suited for the shadows? You can be anything you want. So... what are you? Comment and declare your class!


Warrior - Athletic, strong willed, not scared of challenges
Mage - Intelligent, Loves books, seeks knowledge, thoughtful, philisophical
Rogue - Different. Creative. Independant. Possibly sneaky. Possibly musical or artistic.
Healer - Helpful, caring, warm & compassionate. Environmentally concerend.


LoreMaster - Mage + Healer
Paladin - Warrior + Healer
Pyromancer - Mage + Love of fire?
Shadow Mage - Mage + a little bit secretive and like to keep to myself.
Jack of all Trades - A little bit of all of them.

Make up your own... and never limit yourself. In real life, you can be whatever you want too!