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Play Our Brand New Game Releases!

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Summer is quickly coming to an end… but your online fantasy adventures have only just begun! Check out this week’s all new releases in you favorite Artix Entertainment games.  

AQW new game release

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Brand new Archfiend Class
    • Nulgath approved
    • Super powerful Class
    • Legends can become an Archfiend for free in exchange for Fiend Tokens
  • Wizard University
    • Explore DragonRune Hall
    • Sora to Hoshi the HeadMistress
    • Mueran the Necromancer Professor
    • Maedoc the Druid Magic Professor
    • Warlic the Elemental Mastery Professor
    • Neveya the Craft Magic Professor
  • J6 Featured Artist Shop
    • Chess themed items
    • Play Enchanted Chess at Wizard U
  • GameStop exclusive promo 

Core revamp for EpicDuel


  • New Legion hairstyles
  • New Exile hairstyles
  • Slashed lag for better duels
  • Revamping Core System
    • Work in progress!
    • Easier to Try and Equip Cores



  • New 'Grimtooth' Armor set in Daily Shop (aka Lost n Found)
    • Full body armor and helm (head morph)
  • Movie plex items
    • Trade in your monster drops for new Rare items
  • MEGA Arena Dome
    • New members area in development
    • Face Titan sized monsters

AdventureQuest Knights


  • Knight Class III
    • Test your skills through General Herous’ trials
    • Become the ‘Emoran Knight elite
  • Master your Lance attacks
    • Ride upon the bird Koodus
  • Learn powerful abilities
    • Spiritual Reinforcement
    • Dark Pact
    • And more!
  • Paramount Edge and Shield
    • 12,000 Z-Token Package offer
    • Select Element: Wind or Water damage
    • Bonus status effects using the Shield 



  • Cysero’s apprentice quest
  • New monsters from Cronix
  • Explosions
  • More fish
  • Implosions
  • Catch up with NPCs you haven’t seen in awhile

Battle on!

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AdventureFable4D: YAY! Releases!!!!!!! Thank You!
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Gobna: It is so unfair that you made the Archfiend class for Legends!!! If that is so why dont you also make the Legion Soul Cleaver Class is for Non-Members so can you please make the Archfiend class for EVERYONE please AE pls???!!
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osmcham78: wanted to know if all the participants Good Guys & Bad Battlestar Contest now earn their achievements why until now I did not win my T.T
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osmcham78: my character name s Nina_Vanblut
Clarion: Greetings Osmcham78! The team is working hard to make sure you and everyone else get the achievement for the contest! Please be patient. :)
osmcham78: thank you :)
Clarion: No problem Osmcham78!
osmcham78: my entry was bankrupt in the contest but I did not win the achievements :(
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osmcham78: my entry in the contest was to validate Bad Guys & Good Contest Battles. but I did not earn the achievements: (
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osmcham78: please give me my achievements I attended and had a valid entry :(
Archae: I'd appreciate it if we had some focus on the Good side of Lore in games like AQW and AQ after this. AQW has had a ton of mishs focusing on darkness and evil, and half of the Orders for the knights in AQ are evil. I've seen very little done with the Paladins or with neutral-types lately.
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Archae: Also, I wish the knight orders in AQ had some variation in their moves. They pretty much have all the same moves, except for animations and element type. Expecting new content and getting basically the same thing we just had with a little tweak screams out to us "We were just trying to throw stuff out there to make it look like we have more new content." I think most of the Artix fans out there would agree with me that we would rather have quality releases that were fewer in number than have rapid fire releases that were rush jobs.
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Astigz24: It's not that I'm rushing you guys or anything, well I do appreciate all the game releases in Dragonfable, but will you please also focus on the Color Custom DragonLord Bug. It's already been a while since I noticed that bug and told me that you'll get into it, but until now nothing has quite changed. How am I supposed to completely enjoy my gameplay if the main armor in my favorite game is all bugged-out. I'd very much appreciate if you do something about it. :/ Anyways, BATTLEON!!! :D
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M31k: I think Colour Custom DragonLord bug was fixed already.
Astigz24: Actually, it isn't. Most of the in-game sound effects aren't working with the armor equipped and the forearms and the thighs still aren't colored :/
Qball: Can't wait.
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undeadarti: Awesome dragonrune hall model
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