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The best online adventure games have just been updated with brand-new storylines, monsters, quests, items, and more! Check out all the fun in store (well, technically, in game) in your favorite Artix Entertainment games.


MetroCon 2013

Want to meet the Artix team in real life? Now you can!


AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Solrac’s Featured Artist Showcase Shop
    • RARE Solrac V2 Armor Set, Devoid Armor Set, and more
  • The Final Judgment in the Dage/Scorn Saga
    • New quests, cutscenes, monsters, items, merge shop
  • 3 Judges of the Underworld
    • Rhadamanthys
    • Minos
    • Aeacus
  • Rare Dage items
  • Nulgath Rare items
  • New quests & gear added to Tercessuinotlim
  • MechQuest Finale Shop & quests
  • Brand new: Spellscribing Trade Skill
    • Learn how at the Wizard University



The end of the universe is here!

  • 2 epic new quests
  • Special Mecha designed specifically for the finale
  • And more!



  • 4 New Characters!
    • Hex Void, Abyssal Priest, Engineer, Volt Engineer
  • The Lighting Card Series Deck! 4 New Cards:
    • Chain Lightning - Cast 3 Lighting Bolts Dealing 500 Damage Each (The first spell to hit multiple times in ONE turn! )
    • Super Charged - All Attack cards gain +500 Damage
    • Electric Arc - Deals 200 damage per turn for 6 turns
    • Tazer - Deals 500 Piercing Damage
  • 3 New Spell Animation Effects For:
    • Chain Lightning & Electric Arc



  • Juggernauts can participate in The Dread War
  • Earn influence for you & your faction
  • Alignment matching
  • Evolving Objective Capture achievements
  • Improved visibility of the Juggernaut feature
  • More dynamic war screens to allow the controlling alignment to show off



  • One more week until Freedom Day items are gone for the year!
    • Color Custom version of the Sergeant States armor adding to shop
    • Color Custom version of guns too!
  • Removal of seasonal shops from maps
  • New more 'Supery' outfit been designed
  • In process of getting colors added will be added in upcoming weeks
  • New Mega Arena in development
  • Face-off against titan size monsters!



  • Myth of the mightiest dragon Trigoras
  • Art + animation update for Trigoras
  • New rewards
  • Eukara’s lesson on Cooperation
  • Golden Giftboxes reveal Rare loot!
    • Black Wartexx
    • Moonray/Sunray combo pet
    • Weapons of Awe upgrades
    • And more!




Journey with Tomix to the hidden SoulWeaver School, Edelia, to seek aid from the Headmaster with building your Void Ship!


Battle on!

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kargouel: Releases seem great! Could we do something like pvp testing for new arena in herosmash?
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