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Camp your AdventureQuest 3D Name!

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Pre-registration is open

Supporters of our previous games are officially invited to reserve their names for AdventureQuest3D! Remember, use your existing Artix Entertainment "ONE LOGIN to Rule Them All" account. Here is how it works:

1.) Click on the image below.
2.) Login using your AE Account (same one you log into , EpicDuel, HeroSmash and BladeHaven with.)
3.) Choose a name for your character!

Pre-Registration is now open
Camp your character name

We hope you enjoy this 1st sneak peak of what we are building. It is amazing seeing something like this in your web browser! Please let us know what you think, the team is anxious to hear your feedback. If you are having issues, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for this game project.

Statistics (24 hours after launch)

It has been 24 hours since we opened pre-registration on Thursday night. Considering that only players who supported our previous games were allowed to reserve their names... the numbers are INSANE! We are also impressed at how many people were able to load and use Unity. Monday, we will be continuing work on the actual game -- check back then for a game update!

  • Total "Unity Loads" 33,058
  • Character names reserved: 13,705
    (Which also means your ID# is less than 13K)
  • Page Loads: 67,494
  • Twitter... my... twitter simply exploded. It was soooo cool seeing your names!

Want to Change your Name?

We have been flooded with requests by players who want to change their name. Zhoom is currently coding a way that you can change your reserved name that should go live on Monday!

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Xellos: I hopefully have a very low ID :)
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pkmnmastah: is there a way to check character ID?
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Xir: When will be be able to see our ID #s?

Derped when I should have herped.
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Xap: I got the name I wanted even although I was a few hours late after the release , Glad that no one took it. " Xap " is the name. It's the same as a my HeroSmash and EpicDuel too. :)
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Xallos_: nice 3D animation and i know this will be most EPIC game if it will have system like in skyrim thats what ppl say it will be but i don't know anything about gaming system i hope game will be relased soon :D
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