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Thursday is Pre-Registration!

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2nd time is the... um... *gulps*

You are probably asking yourself, "Self, how come Monday design notes posts are always so late!?" To which the response is, GOOD QUESTION! I was just asking our highly skilled team of scientists that very question when a horde of business mongering meeting-lords* dragged me into the meeting room and held me prisoner at excel-spreadsheet-point for the past 12'ish hours. Elsewhere, more interesting and productive 3D things were happening. Minimal is back to making the 3D female character customizable. This is the most important task currently. Once we can customize your characters... we will then be able to do the final animations, build the final armor meshes, skins, and size the world to perfectly match the hero. No pressure Minimal... <_< The rest of the team is hard at work too. We are starting the concept for our first dungeon. In this game we want at least half of our dungeons to be outdoors. Which... does not make sense if you stick with the literal meaning. Maybe we should use the word "Adventure" instead of "Dungeon"?  The point is, a hero can only delve into a giant cave full of rocks (or rock lords) so much before they yern for some fresh air. In AQ3D, we will have a lot of "above ground" adventuring in addition to lava and doom filled pits of monster infested fun. Talking about settings... what kind of new places would you like to see in AQ3D? (i.e. Floating cities, inverted pyramids, a place so gloomy it will make Mordor look like candy land?) Please let me know on Twitter! Be sure to add a #AQ3D so I see it.

* Meeting-Lords (TM) - Like Rock Lords, but less cool. As if something could be less cool than the rock lords. Which were robots. That transformed into rocks.

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