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New Game Releases for May 10th!

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FRIDAY IS RELEASE DAY! New releases have just launched in your favorite online adventure games that will keep you entertained all weekend long. Whether it’s fantasy games you’re questing for, PVP battles you’re craving, or wanting to score epic loot, you’re free to play to your heart’s…or HP bar’s…content!

AdventureQuest Worlds
Begin your battles in Brightfall! Gaze upon the secrets of the Mirror Realm and witness the return of Xing and Xang, the twin minions of the Champion of Chaos! But this time they're eager to play a MUCH more Chaotic game. If these terrible twins succeed… YOU will be erased from reality! Stock up on Quibble’s Rare items, check out the Featured Artist Showcase Shop, find your Missing Left Sock, and show your Mom you’re a true hero with Mother’s Day items arriving Sunday!  




Rank up with this Mini Release: Legendary Frost Queen!




The air has been fully purified in the Biological Preserve and Davarril is vulnerable to attack! Although Arborgeddon is nearly over, Davarril's devious experiments have created one last mutation: the Botanical Borg! However, this is no ordinary bot -- by summoning the Botanical Borg, you will actually mutate into it! In this terrifying form you can unleash a devastating Spore Blast or an AOE Spore Bombardment!

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Fiesta on with the Cinco de Mayo Shop and Randor the Red’s Birthday in Overlook! Gear up in clickable Cactus gear… but watch out for the thorns! Faith has received her makeover and the other NPCs in Overlook will soon offer tutorials for new players.   

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AdventureQuest Classic

Absol-ution Part IV!
As Hollow and the crew continue to repair the D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom, you will have to battle through Etherseid's forces. Confront Etherseid and send that puny pony packing! After saving Lore, stop by Warlic’s and get your own Iron Knight player face and get the Mother's Day Charm and Earrings in the Limited Time Shop.

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Embark on an all new Sulen'Eska quest! Visit the Tower of the Rose in the opening cutscene and then head into a Clawkin village that is under attack. Check out the DC drop shop, as well as more possible DC items!

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While we put the finishing touches on your next mission in The march of the Shadowscythe, the Cinco de Mayo fiesta continues.  Visit the shop in Soluna City Main and check out this spicy weapon - the Go.Oogly!


Battle ON!

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Azriel: Can't wait to do the new Sulen'Eska quest! But does anyone know why the armor closet doesn't have the Atrea armors in it? I just spent 1000 DC to buy it, and I don't want it to go to waste.
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velc: The staff hasn't gotten to that yet they have'nt done timekiller either
Cryptos2600: I like the release for AQWorlds, but the merge set should have been an AC (for free bank space ;). But still great release :)
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velc: THESE...MIGHT...JUST...BE.......OVER 9000!!!!. anywho shou;d'nt mq be on the top since it closest to ending or somethin?
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nulgathslittlefiend: The best thing about the aqw release was the doom kitty in the back room of the science shop, which when hovered over and off can be caused to do its own little head bobbing dance.
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