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Rule #2: Never give up!

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...because the only way to fail is to quit.

I want to thank you and the other players for being so understanding and supportive. I still feel so terrible about last night. You guys took the news a lot better than the team did. But, this morning, as I walked into the lab the entire team was already huddled, coming up with a strategy... and not to just fix the signup process, but to take it to another level entirely.  That is our game community's devlopment philosophy right? 1.) Make the next thing you do better than the last thing you did. 2.) Never give up. 3.) When things go terribly wrong... go back to #1.

The good news is, most of what we have is already working. It is not like we have to go back to the drawing board. Which is a really good because...

Our drawing board is full of monsters...

So we are going to fix the bugs (which were a result of the 3D makeup of our map), and make improvements that we wanted, but did not have time for. A big part of this test iis for both you and I to see how the 3D game will run (speed wise) in your browser. It should be surprisingly fast. Once it is ready and fully tested, I will announce the new date for pre-registration (you will get a minimum of a 3 day notice.) It is hard to believe it has only been a handful of weeks and we have already seen this level of craziness and drama.... what is going to happen when alpha actually starts O_O ? Please check back here each day for insider news on how all aspects of this 3D project are going. Until then....


  • AQWorlds
    New trade skill - Fishing, the return of previous years' Heroes Heart day events, 10 new Dage the evil quests in Shadowfall and more.

  • AdventureQuest Classic
    New city "Deren City", which is controlled by a Drakel King. Several new quests and lots of hidden easter eggs, battles and item shops.

  • EpicDuel
    30 new drops for the PvP item drop system for all levels. There are also going to be new missions and iproving the housing system with privacy and home titled (You can name your house!?)

  • MechQuest
    Planet Romero is off to a... surprising start! (I am not just excited that my character is in the storyline... I have always wanted to see Mechs mixed with Zombies!) The team is getting ready to  fill up their Vend-o-tron next week. So, this week will be the return of MechQuest's crazy DATING GAME planet! (Previous years Valentine's day release)

  • DragonFable
    Chapter 2 continues with Xan's backstoy. Take aportal to Mount Shiningstar and help a younger version of Xan, who is an ice mage, deal with his extreme fear of fire.

  • HeroSmash
    The Hero's Heart Day shop is open! New items added to the daily random shop.

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Xellos: I like the drawings.
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sannin ck23
sannin ck23: Why do not you put the bank transfer as payment in Horo mart ?
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sannin ck23
sannin ck23: which the access door and need to play AQW?
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I can not.
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Xap: Wow , Nice Monsters! Can't wait to Slish Slash 'em! ;)
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