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Update #2: Not looking good.  (6:15pm EST)

It does not look like this bug is going to be solvable within the next hour. The alternative option is to rig up a web form to allow you to reserve your name... but this completely obsoletes the work we did this week for Test #1 which was to see if everyone could actually see the 3D game content in Unity3D, and use the interface to sign up (This was worth 100 alpha points.) I feel completely terrible those those of you who stayed up (or woke up early) to pre-register your name. So, instead of dragging this out and pushing things back 3 hours which would be unfair to those who could not wait that long... I am going to do, what I believe is the right thing, and reschedule pre-registration.

Post PWN'd

I cannot express how deepy sorry I am that we are unable to do this tonight. We were ALL looking forward to it. (Hears someone say something about "Well... this is ALPHA") But it is better to do this right than to release something broken. So we will fix this error and reschedule the pre-registration (probably next week) and make it worth 200 alpha points. Check back tomorrow for details on our status. Meanwhile: Captain Rhubarb updated When you log in, it now tells you if you are eligable for Pre-Registration. Just so you know for sure.

Update #1: Technical Problems (5:50pm EST)

Greetings all. We are being notified of a show stopping error. We built the signup process 3D, and our testersare reporting that after the fly through to the signup screen, the browser is crashing for users on specific versions of browsers.  I am meeting with the coders NOW  to see if we can fix this within an hour. I will update you every 15 minutes. If we cannot fix it within the hour, we are going to have to push back and reschedule pre-registration. 

AdventureQuest 3D Pre-registration @6pm-ish EST

Today's late news post brought to you by "Windows Update: Please wait while your computer updates.... do not turn it off. If you turn off your computer, evil goblin warlords will come to your house and pummel your compytron's hard drive with spiked clubs until it makes a scary squeeling sound. 2%

Our goal is to open Pre-Registration, right here, at 6pm EST tonight. All of you awesome players who have supported any of our games in the past will be able to reserve your name. Everyone else will be able to see if they are able to login using your Artix Account "The One Login to Rule them All". Remember, this is the same login you use for EpicDuel, HeroSmash, PvP and the Portal site. From now on, all of our future games will use this one, single login.

As you know, we are in the early stages of alpha. Which means... tests. Lots and lots of tests. GlaDOS would tremble with joy at the extreme number of bizzare and interesting tests coming your way. So as you may have guessed... tonight's pre-registration is ALSO A TEST! We will be using the Unity plugin. Unity is a lot like Flash, except that it specializes in 3D. If you do not already have the Unity plugin, you will be prompted to to install it to complete pre-registration. On a side note, I met David Helgason, the CEO and Founder of Unity3D at E3 last year. He is a great guy, and has the most authentic mad scientist laughs that I have heard since.... well,  those guys from ArcAttack broke into insane mad-scientist giggles every time we mentioned blowing up something. Sorta like that.  Anyways, I trust Unity3D's technology and am proud to be using it on this game project. The final version of AdventureQuest 3D  will be in Hardware Accelerated 3D Flash -- but early alpha testing will require the Unity3D plugin. See you tonight!

While you wait

  • Mia was getting a lot of requests from players for her song "One Way Ticket" that she wrote just for the AQWorlds event. So she put a link to it, for free, on the *coughs* You know, I never feel bad about plugging her music... we should just rename the the company to Mia Entertainment and make all game upgrades just buying her CD... of course... more than 30 of you would have to buy her CD for this to work... o_O *end cough* special page she made for you and the other players to get a discount. (Download it free and then buy her album.)
  • The "Dragon's Notes" just posted on the AQWorlds Design Notes!?
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Xellos: I want more alpha points :)
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AQ3DAcid: I was SOOOO sad, but glad :). I went skieing so I missed this event. I checked on it moment after moment at the lodge... The game looks amazing when I click the "PreRegistration" button.
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Xap: *coughs* Yeah , I'll go buy 30 of her CD and make it work. ;) *end cough* Good Job , Mia Entertainment! :P
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Zhing: Yeah Mia Entertainment!!! You should do that, because then upgrades would only be 9.99 :P
I <3 One Way Ticket! And Ever After!!! Really good for a 1st album :D
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BlackReaper: hey i need help where can i preregister i have a aq guardian btw
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