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April 12th New Releases

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Phase1 of OverSoul Beta Revolution: Commence! Check out OverSoul’s all-new features:

  • New World Map interface
  • New lobby interface
  • New Card Art
  • New battle interface
  • New more stable game engine.
  • Damage and hitpoints multiplied by x100.
  • New lobby music
  • New Tutorials

Coming Soon!

  • Card customization
  • Leaderbaords

Play the newly overhauled OverSoul and give us your thoughts, comments, and suggestions in the Comments section below. We want to make OverSoul the game you’ve always imagined—so help us turn OverSoul into your reality!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Embark on the exciting conclusion of the J6 Saga where YOU are the sole decider of J6's fate! J6 the Bounty Hunter has traveled across space and time to collect pieces for his Doomsday project. And now that he has the final piece, J6 is ready to put his plan into motion! Will you be the bounty hunter's friend or foe? Will you help him with his mission… or put a permanent end to J6?



EpicDuel has updated the reporting tool. You and your friends can help us more effectively than ever to keep EpicDuel clean, safe, and fun! Coming soon: the renegade Archivist, Davarril, is about to unleash tendrils of terror across Delta V. Giant, humanoid plants have been spotted in the dark reaches of the Biological Preserve and it's only a matter of time until they break free from their habitat. Prepare for an event unlike any other!



Book 3 Sandsea town! Check out the new gear in the weapons shop, accessory shop, house shop, and journey on a few side quests.




Bacon, bad guys, and badges all in one week! All in-game badges have gotten a makeover, and new Character Page badge art is coming soon. Plus, we added the missing Level 20 badge. The Shadowscythe and Cysero Bacon shirts are available now in HeroMart where you will choose between darkness or deliciousness and receive delectable gear with each shirt: badges and in-game items! Shop now!


AdventureQuest Classic

Absol-ution Part 1 - The D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom! Plagued by dreams and portents of doom all tied to his analog, the Alternate Ryuusei and Gaiden seek to find answers by calling upon the Chosen of Lore for aid. An unimaginable journey to horizons unseen, shocking surprises, tragedy, comedy, and Absol-ution await! The final chapter of the Absolix Saga has begun—and get your next clue to the Rare item hunt to aid you in battle!


Battle ON!


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