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Happy Hero's Heart Day!

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Updating the website (Now with 100% more LOVE.)

Today, Miko and I are updating this website. I missed the black background... so EVERYTHING is going back to black! Behold... the dark, sweet embrace of HTML's eternal darkness. Hex color #000000, will you be my valentine? I added a romantic zombie love song in the upper right hand corner of the site today so we can celebrate.

USB Super Computer Couch

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is setting up the 3D game database and building the interface for Thursday's pre-registration. Do you know what name you are going to reserve? You should use the name that everyone in the community knows you best by. I am going to pick Artix! Trust me when I say, I know how frustrating it is when you cannot get your name... *coughs* I have  not been able to get the my name on ANY game or web service for the past 5 years O_O.

Today's game news

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Xellos: I have seen Dage in your videos before :)
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Xap: It's my first time seeing Mido , Laken and Cerberoz's Real Life faces. I've seen Dage before. Didn't know that Laken works with you guys in real life as well. And it's also my first time hearing about Cerberoz , Never heard about him before. Well , Keep it up guys!
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Inferno Dragonlord
Inferno Dragonlord: the couch ate me
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