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Name Camping 101!

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Pre-registration for AdventureQuest 3D

Today you are going to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about reserving your name for our upcoming 3D game. But first, I would like to express... seriously... OMG seriously... my heartfelt gratitude to you and the other players who sent the team and I such awesome cheers and congratulations on the AQWorlds event, "The Eternal Curse of Love", the MechQuest "Planet Romero" release, and everything leading to the launch of this new website. I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this overwhelming amount of joy and creative enthusiasm.

Artix's Shadow

The comment that perhaps touched me the most was a personal note from this week's musical guest, Mia J. Park (I probably should have asked permission before posting this.) who kindly wrote, "I think you should be proud, as I can see from here how much love there is in the world for Artix. Thank you for sharing it with me and giving me this dream come true. I could honestly just die happy now as I think it's all I ever wanted. To watch the music fly and touch lives . You made it possible. So, I think if anyone's really part angel... it's you! Wishing you huge success!" I want Mia and her music to be a success as well... so I am going to shamelessly plug her debut CD, Metamorphosis one more time in hopes that you will support her by getting a copy.  (Remember, this is a link to a special page she made where she is giving our players 20% off) Perfect Valentines gift? It is also available on iTunes

How can I get my name for AQ3D?

It will take place Thursday (unless the bug monster rises from the grave and destroys us all), right here. You must have support one of our games (any game) to qualify. Here is what you need to do:

1. Show up here on Thursday night (Feb 16th, 2012 at approx 5pm EST) there will be a new post with a GIANT BUTTON.
2. Make sure you have an Artix Entertainment account (The one login to rule them all)
3. Make sure ALL of your game accounts are linked to this Artix Entertainment account.
4. If you have ever supported us by Upgrading or becoming a Member in any of our previous games, you will be able to reserve your AdventureQuest 3D game name. Remember, you can only reserve one name. So choose the one the gaming community best knows you by.
5. Continue checking daily for development news and tests... tests... more tests! (to get Alpha points!)

Questions & Answers

Q: Once I have my name will I be able to play!?
A: No :-( Pre-registration is here to let our long time player's reserve their name.
Q: But I really want to play!!! Why can't I play!?!?!?!?
A: Um, we are still building the game. There is nothing to play... yet.
A: ...
Q: How can I make sure that my account is eligable for pre-registration?
A: Hmmm, good point. I will ask Capt. Rhubarb to add something to the portal site that tells you when you login. This might take a few days.
Q: Is it true you are going to be moving all the functionality at to ?
A: Yes. This will take time, but by Summer, we expect signup, player support, forums, the payment system, avatar creation, the creative community and more to all be at !
Q: When will alpha testing start for AQ3D and who can participate?
A: Keep checking back here for updates on when it will start. There will be LOTS of tests! As you know, this is a MMO and space on our dev server will be limited. Upgraded Members of our current MMOs AQWorlds/HeroSmash/Epicduel are guarenteed access to the Alpha and Beta tests. By supporting these games you are also funding the creation of AQ3D. From time to time we will need the help of ALL players to test various parts of this new game.

Check back tomorrow....

Because I am going to write something. I do not know what, yet. It could be anything! You will have no way of knowing unless you read. O_O

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Xellos: What will be the server limit?
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Xap: By EpicDuel , Do you mean people on EpicDuel that currently ( Testing Time ) have varium?
Also will Guardians/DragonLords/StarCaptains also get to test late phases of the testings?
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Swag: im so ready for this!
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