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Wednesday Rapid Fire Update!

Posted by Artix on

Today, we start a new tradition

One thing I love about AE, is we are always doing new and interesting things. One thing I hate about AE is there are so many new crazy things going on they are impossible to keep track of! Mondays are planning days. Fridays are release days. So it makes a lot of sense on Wednesday, to walk around the lab then release a mega jumbo sized bullet list of everything I see people working on.

AQWorlds Event

  • EpicDuel Team on track to release "FULL" Omega Launch at the end of the Month
  • Bug Tracker is a HUGE success! Literally 1000s of bug fixes in progress.
  • OverSoul servers are back up and the servers have been improved. Players love the new dungeon "Labrynth". Friends lists and lower priced SoulGem packages ($5 and $9.95) coming ASAP.
  • just restocked 2013 Calendars! They also have a few more AQWorlds Card Games & Booster Packs available.
  • MechQuest's "Finale" begins this Friday. It will be about 5 parts long.
  • AdventureQuest 3D Programming team has basic combat, shops, inventory and character equip working.
  • AdventureQuest 3D Art/Animation team 90% done with the new Male/Female Models
  • Doom Cauldon (Mobile test project) is being worked on during nights and weekends. If this works, making a AdventureQuest classic type game will be doable and awesome!
  • Artix Entertainment & Ebilcorp Mug (Prototypes) arrived - they looked terrible. We sent them back.
  • Nythera's Player Support team is building a new "one stop" player support center which will make it easier than ever to recover, fix problems, or fix whatever is wrong with your AE game accounts. This will probably launch around Spring Break.
  • We several unexpected (and completely unplanned) staff-run AdventureQuest Worlds events! If you like this sort of thing please do let us know! In addition to this week's release "The DarkBlood of Falguard" the team is also working on a complete redesign of the starting town, Battleon and the surrounding areas. Rumors include a museum, weapon shop, library, TONS of new quests and more. This will probably be released in pieces over the next several months.
  • You have just over a week left to get into AQWorlds 1st "Shut up and take my rares!" contest. 


Wednesday Rapid Fire Update Question: What should our first real mobile game project be? Is building a casual AdventureQuest style game with our new art, pvp, and chat the way to go? Should we try turning DragonFable & MechQuest into mobile games? Should we make a new version of Moglin Punter? (You know... that game we made WAY BEFORE Angry Birds!)