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Everybody's questin' for the weekend!

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This weekend in OverSoul, do battle in a brand new dungeon crawling with enemies, and see if you can defeat the contest-winning boss monster! Plus:switch between lobbies, take the new quest to clear the cellar of rats, and try out our new side-scrolling battle map!


AdventureQuest Worlds

What happens when there is no place for Evil in Lore? Feeling that the Great Truce is no longer necessary, Lionfang kidnaps all of the good heroes of Lore and plans to torture them into giving up their evil ways. Invade the newly renamed Onslaught Tower, defeat Lionfang, and free the heroes of Lore!



The Epicduel team has made outstanding progress this week toward Omega. The battle engine rewrite and new character creator are now nearly complete. We hope to enter next week with plenty of time for testing and building new content to take advantage of the added flexibility in the engine.  We are on target to release by the end of January!


Change is in the air…literally! The new wind elf blacksmith is ready to start merging the elemental essences you’ve been collecting in Book 3. Be sure to check out the blacksmith’s DC Shop loaded with the DC versions of all the final forms for those that can’t wait! A few minor changes have been implemented in the Book of Lore, like rearranging the buttons off the first pages to make it less cluttered and confusing.



Reports of masses of Shadowscythe are coming in from every corner of the solar system! The Queenadent has set up a War Camp just outside of Soluna City, and needs you to skip classes and report there post-haste.  Planet Loreon and the rest of the Alliance are all in grave danger! For a limited time, a special edition of a NEW Shadowscythe Head weapon will be available to commemorate the upcoming epic battles vs. the Shadowscythe forces!



Smash stuff up in the Smashmas War! But it looks like you’re going to need some epic armor. Gear up in the Samurai Armor set that is now available in the Battle Poll shop and make it a Shogun Showdown!


AdventureQuest Classic

Right before Lucretia the Potion Mistress was opening her new shop, she went missing! Track her down through a creepy cemetery before she is taken by an Undead Mage… or eaten by his pet! Be sure to check out the Red Viking and Red Valkyrie player faces in Warlic's Magic Mirror that are only available until March.



Battle on!

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Jayk: Oh so i take it Friend List is Next Week on OverSoul! Also Limited Time ShS Helm?! That will go so well with my Seppy Of Doom
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Eonaleth: I'm really enjoying AQW's release right now. So many good memories of the first time going through this map and seeing even more. Can't wait to see where this zone takes us.
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kabimarta1: I just finished the expanded Golden Onslaught release today, it was great. I felt like I was playing through the Lionfang War for the first time when I played it. P.S. For those who have finished the release, do they still need to wear undead/DoomKnight armors to pass through the Death Fog surrounding the tower even after completing all of Xillon's quests?
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Damian_N.: How long did it take to finish? I took an hour.
derp: i thought you said you already finished it
kabimarta1: Yeah, I already finished it. I realized from someone that you don't need to wear undead/Doomknight armors to pass through the Death Fog after completing Xollen's quests. P.S. I spelled Xollen's name wrong. Oops.
raveolot86: whan will all releases go live
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BattleNoo: "Everybody's questin' for the weekend"... was that a reference to "Turnt 4 Da Weekend - Dev & the Cataracs"?
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Colossus: I believe that that is in fact a reference to the viral and rather...controversial music video by Rebecca Black, "Friday".
MarioDM481: can't wait till legends of lore is done.
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Evil Risto 7
Evil Risto 7: This is simply amazing. I love it!
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dragonmaker: where is darkon
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