BattleGems... Monsters! posted by Artix on

What is your favorite month? Octo-bear!

We created an official Facebook Page for our upcoming RPG/Puzzle/Battle game, BattleGems. Give us a like and follow to see sneak peak monsters and screenshots as we build this first free game designed to run on your iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, Web or game-ready Toaster. This week we have been focusing on monsters... like the dreaded Octobear! (If there is one thing I love about AE, is our crazy monsters) Our game will have a lot more monsters than people are used to seeing on mobile games. Due to the small storage space, most mobile games stick to just a few. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to cram hordes of baddies on your device while staying under the 50MB limit. So... have any more crazy monster ideas? Comment with your ideas!

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