Happy New Year 2015 posted by Artix on

Every year, on the 1st day of the new year, I get up early, and come here to the lab. Everyone else finally has a day off. So I am alone here with my thoughts-- and those thoughts are focused on all of the game things we will build together in 2015. I strongly believe this year is going to be our best-- and equally our hardest. It would be safe to say the past two years were training for what we are going to do this year. Because this year Project: Omni (our ambitious and challenging plan to take our games to all devices) will finally spread its wings like phoenix, renewing the life of our existing and new games. Instead of trying rattle off the giant shotgun blast list of goals... I am just going to say the #1 thing on the list that is written on the paper in my hand-- This is the year, we launch AdventureQuest 3D (aka AQW3D). Can I count on you to join us and help make this crazy new game? Battle on!

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