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New Game Updates on December 5 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Frostval Returns: Breaking of IceRise Keep

  • Get ready for the return of AQW's coolest gear (literally!) this Friday as we bring back all of our previous years' Frostval events! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, and get SO MANY presents! Upgrade to unlock the Legend-only adventure through /icerisepast!
    • Unlock an exclusive zone, storyline, boss battle, and rewards with the  BoneBreaker Adventure Package!

    • Battle through all our seasonal Frostval zones and find the returning Frostval gear

    • Legends can talk to Moraine to help save IceRise Keep from Kezeroth’s destructive ice powers!


Frozen Fury!

  • Settle the score between Edgar Boothe and Alydriah in Frysteland through the first part of an epic 3-part mission chain.

27 Day of Giving AND Receiving

    • Give and receive gifts for 27 days starting Friday! The more you give, the better your rewards!

Home Decor

    • Loads of new home items to adorn your wintry abode.


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Frostval Begins - Decorate the Battleon Tree!

  • Winter has arrived in Battleon and with it a new tree to decorate in Battleon!
  • So get yourself in the Frostval spirit as you battle your way through the snow and monsters to find trinkets to adorn the new tree!
  • Also GIFTBOXES ARE COMING! Be sure to grab your giftboxes as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped!

Guardian BONUS - Radiant Guardian Dragon Armor!

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize any time during the month of December.
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of December and then gone forever!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  • The lucky 50 winners for the Black Friday Battleaxe and Cyber Shogun's Odachi will be coming this week!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Rev, Flame Draconian, Turkonian Evo Coming Soon!

  • Buy Soul Gems from now till the end of the year and get a Hanzo Void put into your Inventory at the end of the Year!

New Characters:

  • Skexis Brood ( Evo from Rare Skexis )
  • Flame Draconian (Oversoul Version )
  • Hanzo Void ( 2nd Upholder Void )
  • Turkonian Soldier
  • Coming Soon - New Revontheus Character


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Ninjas versus Pirates

  • Which side will prove victorious?
  • Fight for your favorite side to help decide the winner
  • The winning faction will decide which Class gets revamped first!


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Happy Birthday Yergen!

  • Visit Yergen at the overlook to get his Birthday missions!
  • Complete all missions to get the Yergen's 'Big yellow' badge


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Zorbo is back!

  • Pick up this year's Zorbo in Soluna main Friday night!
  • What will he be wearing this year?

Turkageddon is still on!

  • After a delay, this year's event will be playable Friday!

Battle On! 

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Black Friday Steals, Deals, and Thrills in Online Games! posted by Beleen on


AdventureQuest Worlds - MMORPG

BrightFall Commander and Harvest Fest

Log in this weekend and bare your blades as Lore’s most deliciously-deadly festival begins! Destruction is on the menu when you /join harvest, and if you want to survive the feast, you’ll need to carve your way out of danger! Battle through all our previous Harvest Fest zones and boss fights to claim your rewards, then talk to Ragnar in Battleon to unlock the BrightFall Commander set with a 12 month membership!

  • Harvest Fest returns with 10 maps, 6 shops, and a cornucopia full of gear

  • Unlock the BrightFall Commander set when you buy a 12 month membership


Frysteland's Return

  • December 1st, Frysteland gear goes live once again to unleash all the wintry fury upon your foes!

Winter Home Decorating Contest 2014!


AdventureQuest - Fantasy Browser RPG 

Item Update!

  • As the BURP War rages on we are revamping a ton of old gear in AQ this week!

December Z-Token package - Champion of Sinmaw!

  • A bonus set that comes with the 50k Z-Token package!
  • Includes an armor, 3 weapons, a shield and the ability to drag your enemies into Sinmaw’s Lair!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  • Log in and play Black Friday and Cyber Monday for a chance to win 2 awesome items - Black Friday Battleaxe and Cyber Shougn's Odachi! We are also doubling the amount of Z-Tokens you can find during battles this week! PLUS a special Z-Token discount for Black Friday!


OverSoul  - Battle Card MMO

Thanksgiving Seasonals!

  • New Characters:

    • Bill the Apprentice
    • Bill the Hunter

    • Bill the Assassin

    • Revonthurkey

  • Coming Soon!

    • Skexis Evolution

    • Upholder 2014 & Upholder Evolution

    • Turkonian


DragonFable - Adventure RPG

Saving Private Practice

  • You finally got to the end of the bolt trail.
  • Log in to DragonFable on Friday to find out what happened to Voltabolt and who is behind all of this.
  • Good luck, Hero, Thankstaking wouldn’t be quite the same without Voltabolt!


HeroSmash - Super Hero 2D MMO


  • RARE 'Shadow Hunter Sword' - This blade cuts shadows!
  • Coming Soon: New promo package 


MechQuest - Sci-Fi Browser RPG

Is your bird Turkalicious?!

  • All-new Turkageddon mission!
    • Mr. Z is on Main Street in Soluna City and he has a message for you!
  • Shop smart - shop Vil-Mart!
    • If you can acquire a delicious bird for the feast, you will be rewarded with a new mecha!

Battle On!

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New Game Releases You’ll LOVE this Valentine’s Day posted by Beleen on


AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Love is a battlefield... and so is this Friday's release!

  • Double Rep AND Double EXP Boost begins on ALL servers at

    • Legend servers will get even higher boosts!
    • Login this weekend to battle the Bluddrun the Betrayer, find Beleen's Valentine, and show the world how much you love to battle in AQWorlds!
    • Replay previous Hero's Heart Day events!
    • Legends can battle Graveclaw the Destroyer in /bosschallenge
  • Olympics gear Limited Time Shop
    • Find the Snowboarder armor in the Treasure Map shop
  • The Yokai Sunlord set leaves the Wheel of Doom, Dark Heartbreaker set arrives!


Epic Duel

  • Aphrodite's Woe
    • Revontheus' Aphrodite's Woe P and E limited-quantity swords available at the Alydroid with pre-installed Azrael's Wrath core.
    • 24+ new Heartbreaker hairstyles!
    • New Home interface allows you to browse items for sale and in their own inventories more easily than ever.
    • Watch for those codes!
      • We will be awarding multiple prizes and home items with prize codes, making them more exciting than ever! 



  • Valentine's Day and Slimey Wormy Things!
  • Character Release:
    • Aphrodite
    • Love Machine
    • Lepid
    • Slime
  • Coming Soon!
    • 4th Oversoul Elemental Specific Contest
    • Your favorite AQW Characters and Monster coming to OS!



  • SnuggleFest 2014: What Does Igneox Say?
    • It’s Snugglefest! Love is in the air....but for ElBhe, this holiday has only ended in disaster.
      • This week, help him prepare for his date with his sweet little shadow vixen.
      • But what would happen if Igneox were to find out about this date?
  • 3 new items are coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week!
    • The Block Zard and Lorelympian Torch will only be here for 2 weeks.
    • Legion’s Curse will be here for the month of February and then gone forever!
  • Next week Golden Giftboxes overflow with TONS of items from your favorite AE games!



  • Love Ship 

    • Beleen may have the best of intentions but, when you love mayhem, even the best of intentions can go wrong on the Love Ship!



  • Happy Hero Heart Day!

    • Hero Heart Harry returns to Super City (find him at Overlook)
    • Check out the New AQW Beleen Valentine Desktop Wallpapers 



  • Blues Love Riches
    • Happy Birthday to Blues, MechQuest's Specials Designer! 
      • Celebrate with the elegant Blues' Tech Blade, coming to a Birthday Shop in Soluna City. 
      • Talk to Braddock Steele to replay Heroes' Hearts events of the past
      • infiltrate the ShS cruiser in the "Rescue Braddock Steele" 
      • Replay to open the shop and pick up higher-level versions of the Love Element weapons 
      • Take a stroll East in Soluna City and find the student who wants to challenge you 
    • Log in for the LIMITED TIME SPECIAL EVENT Saturday, February 15th 11-2, server time.
      • Play the "Possible Riches" quest
        • You will have a 1 in 3 chance to encounter Richy the Rich Guy in the last battle of that mission! 
        • With all your newfound riches, go back to Soluna Main to the Brickity shop for a new Blockity-style back arm cannon. 

Battle On!

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Brand New Adventures in your Favorite Browser Games! posted by Beleen on

It’s Friday, and EVERYONE knows what that means: all new releases in Artix Entertainment’s games! Don’t let your summer be a bummer—come play games online with us, help us defeat the toughest monsters, and score the most epic loot ever!

GrimSkull free to play AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds
The moment you have all been DYING for is finally here! Known for his seemingly-impossible-to-survive tricks, traps, and cheats, Grimskull challenges YOU to traverse his torture chambers, outwit his wiles, and claim the legendary prize at the end…if you can survive! Suit up in the Hero of Steel Armor Set, get your kicks with Player Suggestion Items, uncover the whereabouts of the completely color custom Solar Protector set, and then dive headfirst (or dead-first?) into Grimskull’s dangerous trap-filled dungeons!



Summer has started, along with a two-sided war in Sulen'Eska and the Freedom Camp.  Also, be sure to log in this weekend for your thrid DragonFable birthday gift!



Voting for the second OverSoul contest ends Saturday, June 22, 2013.  Be sure to vote for your favorite entries! Next week, prepare for the Watercard Deck Series and water element characters. Also, look forward to the production of the contest winners for Art and Backstory!

news_dread_war_artix pvp epicduel

Legion and Exile forces, man your battle stations: The Dread War has begun! Battle for control of over 21 War Objectives throughout Delta V!  This is too big for any one solder -- you'll need to rally your friends behind a common cause to dominate the world and shape it's future!

Tiger helms in pvp HeroSmash

Begin your prowl with this week’s Forest Tiger, Snow Tiger, and Sabertoothed Tiger Head Morphs! Who says a tiger can’t change his stripes? With the Color Custom versions, you absolutely can. Head to the Head Shop on Market Street and get your head in the game!

Knight Class in online dragon game AdventureQuest

AdventureQuest Classic
This is the release you have all been looking forward to… the single largest Class project in the history of AQ… the Knight Class begins this week! Tathlin, leader of the Pria Knights of Rennd, will guide you through your basic training before you will have to choose which of the 4 Kingdoms you will serve. New class gear and an awesome series of trials will test your mettle and see if you have what it takes to call yourself Knight!

MechQuest online robot game


The Countdown Clock is ticking! The March of the Shadowscythe looms near. Are you prepared? Shop in Soluna City for the returning Valoth's Epic head weapons and check back for the newest arm, and then blast off to Westion's Khaeldron Inn Valor Shop for high-level versions of the Corrupted Drakel Armor series!

Battle on!

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New Game Releases for May 10th! posted by Beleen on

FRIDAY IS RELEASE DAY! New releases have just launched in your favorite online adventure games that will keep you entertained all weekend long. Whether it’s fantasy games you’re questing for, PVP battles you’re craving, or wanting to score epic loot, you’re free to play to your heart’s…or HP bar’s…content!

AdventureQuest Worlds
Begin your battles in Brightfall! Gaze upon the secrets of the Mirror Realm and witness the return of Xing and Xang, the twin minions of the Champion of Chaos! But this time they're eager to play a MUCH more Chaotic game. If these terrible twins succeed… YOU will be erased from reality! Stock up on Quibble’s Rare items, check out the Featured Artist Showcase Shop, find your Missing Left Sock, and show your Mom you’re a true hero with Mother’s Day items arriving Sunday!  




Rank up with this Mini Release: Legendary Frost Queen!




The air has been fully purified in the Biological Preserve and Davarril is vulnerable to attack! Although Arborgeddon is nearly over, Davarril's devious experiments have created one last mutation: the Botanical Borg! However, this is no ordinary bot -- by summoning the Botanical Borg, you will actually mutate into it! In this terrifying form you can unleash a devastating Spore Blast or an AOE Spore Bombardment!

free online games pvp epicduel 



Fiesta on with the Cinco de Mayo Shop and Randor the Red’s Birthday in Overlook! Gear up in clickable Cactus gear… but watch out for the thorns! Faith has received her makeover and the other NPCs in Overlook will soon offer tutorials for new players.   

 hero smash free to play pvp cinco de mayo


AdventureQuest Classic

Absol-ution Part IV!
As Hollow and the crew continue to repair the D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom, you will have to battle through Etherseid's forces. Confront Etherseid and send that puny pony packing! After saving Lore, stop by Warlic’s and get your own Iron Knight player face and get the Mother's Day Charm and Earrings in the Limited Time Shop.

 online fantasy browser games



Embark on an all new Sulen'Eska quest! Visit the Tower of the Rose in the opening cutscene and then head into a Clawkin village that is under attack. Check out the DC drop shop, as well as more possible DC items!

online dragon games fable 



While we put the finishing touches on your next mission in The march of the Shadowscythe, the Cinco de Mayo fiesta continues.  Visit the shop in Soluna City Main and check out this spicy weapon - the Go.Oogly!


Battle ON!

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April 19 New Releases posted by Beleen on


Getting pumped for the OverSoul Revolution? The Leaderboard has just been launched—so show the world how awesome you really are! Join the FIRST EVER TOURNAMENT in OverSoul, happening this weekend!  The OverSoul team has been hard at work tweaking the UI, creating new art, and collecting souls for new characters. Are you ready for Card Customization? We hope to launch that next Friday!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Journey to the Center of Lore! All heroes, monsters, and the world of Lore herself have a bright, burning core of magic at their center. But the forces of magic have become unbalanced, and you'll need to journey to the center of Lore to uncover... and fix... whatever is causing magical mishaps! Check out the first ever Artist Showcase Shop that features exclusive items created by Vokun—only available until Tuesday when a new featured Artist item set will arrive!



Davarril is ready to emerge from the Biological Preserve and enact his plan of botanical conquest. Prepare for the attack by equipping yourself with the new Botanical Battle Suit and the Botanical Hazard! The armor comes equipped with an active core, Rooted, that increases your defense by sacrificing mobility, allowing you to withstand serious punishment. The Botanical Hazard uses sticky, poisonous spores that can ruin anyone's day.



The Super City Mall is overrun with Zombies! New zombie related drops have been added to all the monsters in the mall. Pardon our dust: the Super City Mall is still being worked on as we deal with new changes for HeroSmash. A new contest for 2 volunteer artists and a writer is underway! Please note you need to be at least 18 years old. Read the HeroSmash Design Notes if interested in applying!


AdventureQuest Classic

Karuna's Kids have been kidnapped! Karuna is worried sick and she'll need a hero to help find her missing children. With a mix of humor, heroism, rewards, and puns, this is one week you don't want to miss! And don’t miss out on the Rare Item Hunt; a super rare special weapon variant is hidden somewhere in one of the backgrounds—but it’s only available for 1 more week! Hurry!


Battle ON!

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April 12th New Releases posted by Beleen on


Phase1 of OverSoul Beta Revolution: Commence! Check out OverSoul’s all-new features:

  • New World Map interface
  • New lobby interface
  • New Card Art
  • New battle interface
  • New more stable game engine.
  • Damage and hitpoints multiplied by x100.
  • New lobby music
  • New Tutorials

Coming Soon!

  • Card customization
  • Leaderbaords

Play the newly overhauled OverSoul and give us your thoughts, comments, and suggestions in the Comments section below. We want to make OverSoul the game you’ve always imagined—so help us turn OverSoul into your reality!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Embark on the exciting conclusion of the J6 Saga where YOU are the sole decider of J6's fate! J6 the Bounty Hunter has traveled across space and time to collect pieces for his Doomsday project. And now that he has the final piece, J6 is ready to put his plan into motion! Will you be the bounty hunter's friend or foe? Will you help him with his mission… or put a permanent end to J6?



EpicDuel has updated the reporting tool. You and your friends can help us more effectively than ever to keep EpicDuel clean, safe, and fun! Coming soon: the renegade Archivist, Davarril, is about to unleash tendrils of terror across Delta V. Giant, humanoid plants have been spotted in the dark reaches of the Biological Preserve and it's only a matter of time until they break free from their habitat. Prepare for an event unlike any other!



Book 3 Sandsea town! Check out the new gear in the weapons shop, accessory shop, house shop, and journey on a few side quests.




Bacon, bad guys, and badges all in one week! All in-game badges have gotten a makeover, and new Character Page badge art is coming soon. Plus, we added the missing Level 20 badge. The Shadowscythe and Cysero Bacon shirts are available now in HeroMart where you will choose between darkness or deliciousness and receive delectable gear with each shirt: badges and in-game items! Shop now!


AdventureQuest Classic

Absol-ution Part 1 - The D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom! Plagued by dreams and portents of doom all tied to his analog, the Alternate Ryuusei and Gaiden seek to find answers by calling upon the Chosen of Lore for aid. An unimaginable journey to horizons unseen, shocking surprises, tragedy, comedy, and Absol-ution await! The final chapter of the Absolix Saga has begun—and get your next clue to the Rare item hunt to aid you in battle!


Battle ON!


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April 5th New Releases posted by Beleen on


OverSoul Beta Revolution continues! Everyone is hard at work making OverSoul THE BEST online card game ever—using YOUR comments and suggestions, of course! Warlic is working his magic on the new User Interface. Nulgath is giving makeovers to game assets and the OverSoul homepage. Rolith is mastering card customization. What else do you wanna see in OverSoul? Let your voice be heard in the Comments below!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Feelin’ so fly like J6! Continue your adventures through the J6 saga and finally uncover the secrets of this mysterious bounty hunter. Now that J6 is about to finish his Doomsday device, it’s up to YOU to stop him. Gear up in Evil Undead Limited Time Rares, eggsperience the eggcitement of Grenwog, claim the new Dragon Blades in Galanoth’s Birthday shop, suit-up in the GI J6 armor sets, find the whereabouts of Datadisk 3, and embark on the J6 saga finale Part 1! 



It seems you have done a great job collecting eggs...I mean egg-shaded fuel containment pods...for the Lagomorphs. The bunnies are so pleased that they're adding even more to Brachylagus' secret shop! Don't have any eggs? All you need to do is fight! Now hop to it, Eggpic Dueler!



Dage the Evil came to DragonFable on April 1st…but in a form like you’ve never seen before! Meet Dage the Sneevil and fight his Undead Sneegion during this year’s April Fools Day event. After swiping that smirk off Dage the Sneevil’s face, head into the Sandsea and confront Sek Suat. What does the decaying despot want from you? Find out as Sek Duat opens up to you about his past... and his current goal!



Happy (Belated) Birthday to Gibby! Grab a Limited-Time Giblet Kebab Energy Blade and skewer your enemies in honor of the occasion. To boost the Lucky War victory incentive, all Lucky quests will add bonus XP and credits rewards. Also, a L50 version of the Clover Shot reward arm will be in the shop when you reach 100%, with NG DPT and a Power boost of +5 for the standard price of 5000000 credits. If you can hit the 100% mark by Sunday at midnight I'll increase the Power to 20 (same as the Primary stat of a L50 mod)!



Smash into Spring time! Pytor the Bunny has returned along with his shop of seasonal goodies. Where? You will have to find that out for yourself! Also get your new April Fools Day items at the fairgrounds—and that’s no joke!


AdventureQuest Classic

Donovan seeks to rob the life essence of Lore's mightiest creatures! Not satisfied with werewolves, vampires, and dragons, he now has his sights set on the Verewog! Can you stop Donovan from conquering Lore and save the Grenwog from the vamprism and lycanthropy it is now infected with? Also get your April Fools event items: a new weapon, 4 new House Guards, 6 new mobs, and previous years event items with updated tiers! 


Battle ON!


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Eggciting New Releases! posted by Beleen on


We heard your comments and suggestions, and so OverSoul is getting a complete Over Haul! All efforts are being put towards the complete OverSoul user interface overhaul, new game engine, and new card customization. The new User Interface will be released next Friday! Until then, play OverSoul and let us hear your thoughts in the Comments section below!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Prepare for the Chaos Lord showdown! Storm headstrong into Thunderforge and pit your blade against Chaos Lord Lionfang, and choose whether or not to spare his life. Become the all-new Darkblood StormKing Class, embark on egg-citing egg hunting quests this Sunday, and gear up in the Limited Time Evil Undead Armor Set arriving Monday!



EpicDuel's resident interstellar sentient rabbits need your help to recover the fuel supply of their demolished ship. This fuel is stored within containers that closely resemble eggs. You can collect these eggs by winning PvP battles across Delta V for this limited time event. Visit each rabbit to see your progress and redeem your eggs for big prizes! Collect all the eggs to claim a special Egg Head Achievement!



In honor of April 1st, Dage the Sneevil and his Sneegion have joined DragonFable! Hit the Dage button in your Book of Lore and test your might against the evil Sneegion—you might even win a Captured Sneegion Minion! Then, seek out Sek Duat in the Sandsea and deliver justice as far as the eye can see. Visit Cinquefoil in Book 3 Surewould to start your own quest for Sek Duat!



Queenadent Odessa has a plan that could knock a huge dent in the Shadowscythe numbers! Talk to her at the Shadowscythe War Camp for briefing on this major mission!


Phase 1 of the Super City Mall has been released! Instead of 3 difficulty levels, we've raised the bar and released 4! And since there are no diseases in HeroSmash, what should Zombies be immune to?  New Boss monsters and a Member-only Arena are coming soon, where you can test future bosses and earn rewards through a Points shop!


AdventureQuest Classic

War has come to Grenwog! The Werewolf King and the wererabbits have decided to capture the Grenwog and infect it with lycanthropy! But the vampires aren’t about to let him get away with this so easily, hoping to use the Grenwog’s wererabbit army against the Werewolf King! Use your Limited-Time Emerald Wizard Staff, capable of summoning a flying monkey to aid you in battle, and keep Grenwog safe for everyone!


Battle ON!


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March 22 New Releases! posted by Beleen on

AdventureQuest Worlds

Unleash the Chaos Beast! Take on Chaos Lord Lionfang’s Chaos Beast Manticore as we near the exciting conclusion of the Thunderforge Saga. Prepare for the ultimate battle that pits the Manticore's venom versus your blade with many massive Manticore items! Galanoth the DragonSlayer has leveled up in real life, and to celebrate, the /lair map has been updated with NEW quests and NEW loot: Evolved DragonSlayer armor sets. /Unsheath out your sharpest blade and slay tons of Dragons to prove your worth as an Evolved DragonSlayer!

Manticore battle v2.png


Titan, Rabblefroth, and Charfade are building content while Nightwraith is at PAX East, reporting on the latest industry goings-on from my Twitter feed. This week we will have bug fixes and balance tweaks, plus a restock on our Limited Quantity Shop items. Next week, Delta V's sentient bunnies will emerge from hiding and guide players on an epic egg hunt for amazing rewards! 



New Quests to unlock Klunk and Orc Chieftain.

OverSoul Quests


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the Park! Check out these super lucky items that will make you friends green with envy. Now, test your newfound luck against the Zombie Terrornator monster!


AdventureQuest Classic

Prepare for UnZardly terror as a massive mystery, a war for the ages, and many new Zards flood the land of Lore! An ancient force has caused many new and strange Zards to rise up, but who—or what—is responsible for this monstrous force? What does SmartZard, Czard, and the equally warlike Ceaszard have to do with it? And what could be behind the secret forest meetings of The ZardMaster and The Zard Hunter? Collect your Rare Item Hunt Clue and smash some Zards!


Battle ON!


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