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New RPG and MMO Game Updates posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

ShadowFlame War: Fight Fire with Fire

This Friday fight fire with fire when Empress Gravelyn and the Dragonbone Necromancers use the body of Akriloth, lord of the Fire Dragons, as a host for Sepulchure's spirit! Unsheathe your blade and prepare for war… because once the Empress of the ShadowScythe and the Queen of Monster’s Fire General come face to face, the eruption’s aftermath will permanently change one of these rulers' lives… FOREVER!

  • Choose to fight for Good, Evil, or the Queen of Monsters in our new 3-way war!

  • Your choice will determine what happens next in the Firestorm Onslaught storyline!

  • Unlock the ShadowFlame DragonSlayer Champion gear with our newest AC package!

  • Log in all weekend long for our Spring Break Daily Server Boosts!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Canyon of the Lost Souls!

  • A message has been sent to you to meet at the Krulder Flats, where the Canyon of Lost Souls is found.
  • Sapho Kuri has lost her family to the Vrictus Spectre and she needs a hero to defeat the Vrictus Spectre so that they may be rejoined!

April Z-Token Package - Thernda Pet!

  • Included as one of the bonus items that comes with the 20K token package
  • This adorable pet will boost the damage for ranged weapons, skills and special attacks


Epic Duel - PvP MMORPG

Rabbits Return

  • The spacefaring race of Lagomorphs (that mysteriously resemble Earth rabbits) have been trapped on Delta V for years since their ship was unexpectedly destroyed by a force field surrounding the planet. Now, years older and wiser, they're making another escape attempt! Help Capensis, Myxoma, Brachylagus, Lepus, and Mr. Cottontail return to their home planet in the first part of this 3 part event!

New Weapons!

  • Loads of new Easter/Springtime-themed loot created by the incredible Guest Artists team!

New Home Items!

  • Spruce up your dwellings with festive holiday items!

New Styles!

  • Dress your Easter best with dapper lagomorphic styles!

New Achievements!

  • Get one step closer to blue or, if you're lucky, red stars with new achievements!

"Hardcore" Missions!

  • Find the standard missions too simple? Need a REAL challenge? We've heard your pleas and we're ready to deliver. Brachylagus has some mission for you that will test your resolve in ways few challenges have.


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Drakath's Final Form - Chaos Drakath!

  • Chaos Drakath and Full Chaos Deck Release! 

  • Alternative Chaos Drakath in the Works!

Coming Soon!

  • Full Chaos Deck
  • Chaos Drakath Legendary form
  • Fire Shinobi


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Fishin' Impossible

  • Verlyrus the boxcat in Amityvale wants fish, and it's up to you, the hero, to deliver! What dark secrets will you uncover? There's something fishy going on here in this week's quest: FISHIN' IMPOSSIBLE! 


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

A Request From H.A.L.!

  • Everyone's favorite hairbot needs your help again!
  • Speak to HAL in Soluna East to find out what he needs!

Battle On! 

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March Headstrong Into New Game Releases! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dage the Evil: The First Betrayal

Battle through Nulgath’s Shifting Planes cavern as Dage the Evil in the final tests to earn his Mark of Mastery and became one of Lore’s most feared Necromancers. Take down Nulgath’s most loyal minions to prove that you are worthy of leading the Undead Legion… but be wary, because Nulgath the ArchFiend is deadly, and he will exploit any angle in order to stop his apprentice from ascending!

  • Battle through Nulgath’s shifting planes in /darkfortress

  • Farm for gear from Wilhelm Vorkrieg, Dage’s oldest friend, and see the new rare gear in his shop

  • Check out the new gear in Dage’s House Birthday shop

  • Defeat the mystery boss in this weekend’s release for exclusive, seasonal-rare house items



  • Double XP and credits NOW through Sunday night!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Death Takes Back The Void!

  • The Void has seen many guests take over and it’s time for the man to take back his place!
  • Think you can beat the stylin', profilin', boat-riding, soul-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' master of The Void?

Item Update!

  • MANY older items are getting a fresh look!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Drakath Comes to Oversoul!

Characters Release (Coming Monday):

  • Drakath Kid
  • Prince Drakath
  • Bandit Drakath
  • Flying Eyeball

Coming Soon!

  • Chaos
  • Fire Shinobi


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

An Uncertain Future!

  • Kara has been rescued from the thorns of the rose. 
  • Will she ever fully recover from her ordeal? 
  • And what of those still imprisoned in the Espina Rosa?


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Smashmas Blues!

  • Due to the extreme winter this year, weather has played CHAOS on the secret outpost!
    • The Secret Outpost lies in the Northern region of the globe... We has Icebergs!
  • During this down time the Elves (Engineered Life Forms) have been upgrading security, server issues and bug finding.
  • We are sorry for the delay in the game progress but do not fear the Elves are currently outside SMASHing their way into Spring.


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Challenge of the Voidwalker!

  • A New Challenge Awaits!
    • Head back to Planet 51 to take part in another challenge!
    • New rewards await if you can get through the gauntlet of foes!

Battle On! 

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Celebrating Dage the Evil’s Birthday and New Game Releases posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Embersea Isle: Ring of Fires

With the Firestorm Onslaught swarming into the area around Embersea, your blade and skill are needed for an escort mission to Pyrewatch Peak this Friday. When all communication with the tower guards is lost, ArchPyromancer Pyralis must investigate the disappearance of Embersea's latest shipment of medicine, and discover why they've gone silent!

  • Battle the Firestorm Onslaught as they invade Pyrewatch Peak, and discover the location of their next attack!

  • Dage the Evil’s birthday is Monday, but the first of his birthday gear arrives tonight!

  • Buy any AC package of $10 USD or more to unlock the Fyreborn TigerMaster mount armor set!


Dage's Birthday Shop

  • 4 new vicious items forged in the underworld by Dage the Evil himself! 
  • Check Dage's EpicDuel NPC in the Wasteland Minetower for these items and a fresh restock of his classic, coveted limited-quantity items.

Balance Update

  • EpicDuel will be receiving another balance overhaul, introducing an Underdog passive core to assist lower level players in having a fighting chance against supremely powerful opponents.


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Dragons Gone Wild! 

  • There’s an army of evil dragons attacking Battleon, seemingly unprovoked!
  • They must be stopped before they burn BattleOn to the ground!

March Z-Token Package - Cyber Assassin Armor!

  • Cyber Assassin Armor will be included as one of the bonus items that comes with the 12K token package on Thursday!
  • We are also bringing back Decimator Armor to the 12K package and Blood Contract to the 7500 package!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Coming Soon: Chaos Beginnings!

  • It's almost ready, Chaos is coming! New art is in the works & there's testing to be had in the building of the New Chaos Element. 
  • Stay Tuned!

Also Coming Soon!

  • Chaos
  • Fire Shinobi


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Missed Raven!

  • The time after you were frozen was dark and it was even darker in the Doomwood. 

  • A young girl and her family were lost in the darkness, will they be able to survive? Or will the panic win out?


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Mountains Open!

  • There is a strange rumbling happening on Planet Liath!
    • The Teo-Airgead range near Slate City is unstable! You need to check out this situation immediately.
    • This all-new mission complete with animated cutscene reveals more of the saga that is unfolding on Planet Liath. 

Battle On! 

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Love is a PvP Battlefield posted by Beleen on

EpicDuel’s Heartbreaker Saga Launching this Friday the 13th

Journey into the great Hereafter and meet a fascinating cast of new characters including the Necronauts, explorers of the last great frontier: DEATH. Journey beyond time and space to confront the dangers and challenges of the Afterlife while you uncover a trove of new seasonal items created by our talented Guest Artists—historic EpicDuel players . Be warned those blindly driven by greed and adventure: This tale woven by Cinderella, Ranloth, and OWA is not for the faint of heart!


Do you have what it takes to become the most epic dueler in all of EpicDuel?

Prove it: Play EpicDuel now!

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New Game Releases in February! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Northpointe: Before the Storm

This Friday, journey to the town of Northpointe, your hometown on the continent of Drakonus. Gear up, listen to the townspeople’s rumors, and defend this safe haven from creatures driven to frenzy by the Queen of All Monsters minions!  As her influence begins to spread, there is only one question you must answer: is anywhere safe? Also releasing this weekend: Quibble Coinbiter’s Firestorm Rares shop in Battleon and your game menu!

  • Journey to Northpointe, the starting town for the Ancient Evils storyline on the new continent!

  • Find all Quibble’s hottest gear in your game menu and Battleon!



  • Double XP and credits NOW through Sunday night!
  • Coming Next Week: Valentine's Day Event!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Shapeshifter Update!

  • The power of Shapeshifters grows exponentially! Learn incredibly powerful new forms like Lightbringer, Wyvern, Sacragon and more!

Item Update!

  • A new round of gear has arrived in a Battleon shop near you!  Also don’t miss the Deadly Icicle Spell in the Limited-Time Shop!

February Z-Token Package - Flareos Pet!

  • A new bonus item that comes with the 12K token package!
  • This heavenly archer carries two types of arrows, one will awaken fiery passion for you in your foe that renders them unable to harm you, and the other just unleashes fiery death!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG


  • This week, visit the map and select a brand new region on the western continent to discover what happened to Roirr!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Year of the Ram 2015!

New Characters Coming Soon!

  • Earth Ram
  • Water Ram
  • Void Rebirth Legendary Evolution
  • Fire Shinobi
  • Chaos


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Soluna Shop Update Continues!

  • We are continuing to update the look of the older shops!
    • This week's update is the E-Blade shop in Soluna East.
    • Meet the new NPC in a mission given to you by Grayson Light of Light's Blades!

Battle On! 

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Battle On with New Game Updates! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Za’Nar: Void Invasion

Zack Storch, faithful Artix Entertainment gamer & TV star on King of the Nerds, returns to AQWorlds this week in a special in-game event based on his new book, Za’nar: Impossibility! In a realm light-years away from our planet, the dread dragon Jir’abin waits in the Void Plane with an army large enough to conquer worlds. This weekend, work with the mages of Za’nar and DragonRune Hall to repel Jir’abin’s army of Void Shades as they flood into our world to harvest the magic of Chaos!

  • Get your event rares and learn about the world of Za’Nar before the event starts in the Za’Nar Lobby!

  • Work with the Za’narian Magi to battle Void monsters across Lore to repel the Jir’abin’s army!

  • Help Nulgath the ArchFiend celebrate his birthday with the Hanzo Void series of armor sets!

  • Collect Za’Narian Tokens to create gear in the Za’Nar Merge Shop


Barrens Outpost War

  • After a long holiday truce between Legion and Exile forces, war resumes on Delta V. 
  • The war for the fate of the Barrens Outpost begins today! 
  • The Legion will battle to defend the powerful Barrens Turret Array while the Exile will attempt to undermine their control through hacking terminals.

New Year's Loot

  • Visit Torgan in Frysteland for new New Year's loot created by Bidoof!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Lively Hallows War!

  • Barry Jotter’s former class mate Juan has unleashed an Army of Hallow upon Battleon seeking to capture and make Barry pay for a tragic accident that occurred several years ago at Zardwarts.
  • Barry’s strong protestations of innocence have fallen on deaf ears, and Juan will stop at nothing to avenge his lost pet! 

Januray Golden Giftboxes - Xano's Gauntlet and Kiss of the Dark Angel!

  • Xano’s Gauntlet unleashes several powerful blasts of light!
  • Call upon the aid of a fallen angel to heal your wounds! She may also offer to replenish your potions!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

New Characters:

  • Grimlord
  • Battle Cat


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Dragon Rider War

  • Saellah is found, as well as his home base. 
    • There are many dragons there, coming to fight Mritha’s army.  You cannot be there, but your dragon is. 
    • Fight valiantly so that when your dragon comes home, your dragon comes home a hero.


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Return of the Alpha Zone  

  • River is becoming it's own zone.
    • Many have missed the river but was originally apart of other test maps.
    • River will soon also get a slight make-over with new coding!
  • More Gold Ticket items to come.

Battle On! 

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New Game Releases in 2015! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Eagle’s Reach Battlegrounds: Train. Fight. WIN!

  • This Friday, take on the monsters at Eagle’s Reach Battlegrounds, the Arctic Academy for Warriors, Rogues and Wizards of all levels and ranks! Learn the art of sub-zero monster slaying with extra-high rep, XP, and class point rewards as we prepare for war against the Queen of Monsters! Members can battle through the Hall of Honors for even greater rewards!
    • Battle through 5 level-scaled training arenas to rank up your Class skills and gain experience

    • Defeat monsters and quests to earn tokens to create new gear from the Arena merge shop

    • Legends are able to battle through the Hall of Honors for EXTRA rewards!

    • Help test the new quest user interface system when you /join northstar and talk to Twilly

    • Find the Golden Gladiator Tier package in your in-game menu or on our Upgrade page


The Gifting Continues

  • You loved the gifting system so much that we have already resurrected it in a new form...a custom prize code generator! 
  • Create your own codes, select your gift type, and choose a quantity. 
  • Share with your friends and foes and keep the spirit of giving alive in 2015! 

Revamped Fame

  • The fame system has now been fully integrated into EpicDuel to allow players to "Fame" each other to climb the leaderboards and earn achievements!

New Daily Missions

  • We'll also be introducing 3 new daily mission chains (9 missions) designed by Guest Writer Trans!

New Home Items

  • Decorate your home for the new year by collecting new interactive home items.


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Barry Jotter and the Lively Hallows!

  • Barry Jotter, has the “worse” luck ever!
  • A simple picnic in the woods, ends in tragedy, misery, and all out warfare as an army of Hallow led by Barry’s former classmate Juan, seek revenge for a past wrong.
  • When Barry tries to help, things just go from bad to worse! For all Players... 
  • Also don’t miss the awesome New Year’s weapons in the Limited-Time Shop!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

New Characters:

  • Time Apprentice
  • Young Revontheus

Coming Soon!

  • Void Rebirth Evo


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG


  • Lime needs your help! Log in now and head to the Falconreach Weapon Shop to help Lim’s assistant find the ingredients to make the perfect fireworks to impress their best friend!
  • Make sure to head to Frostvale and pick up your presents and check out the new house shop before the town disappears for another year!


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

More Gold Ticket Items!

  • New item Imported from Epic Duel coming to the Gold Ticket Shop 


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Bug Fixes and a Dragon Sheep!

  • Lots of Bug Fixes!
    • We're working on clearing up a bunch of bugs this week!
    • If you find any, please make sure you're submitting them to !
  • The Dragon Scale Transforms!
    • If you bought the 2015 AEDragons Flip Calendar then make sure to check tonight and see what your scale turns into!
    • If you haven't bought one yet there are still some available from !

Battle On! 

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Unwrap New Game Updates this Holiday Season posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

WorldBreaker: FrostSpawn Invasion

As the Queen of All Monsters watches, Karok the Fallen and the FrostSpawn Horde begin to overrun the Frozen Tower and Ruins! Accept Syrrus’ quest to seek out the Scythe of Vengeance; it is the key to ensuring the Portal Gate is locked. But beware - the Horde as seeks to destroy the it, and if they do, they will be here… FOREVER!

  • Take out legions of the FrostSpawn Horde and travel to the Ice Planet Glacera in search of the Scythe of Vengeance

  • The Frostval Limited Quantity Sets are live! Get your gear here!

  • Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to get the coolest gear of the year

  • Unlock Cryomancer Class with Glacera Tokens or purchase for 2000 AdventureCoins

  • Log in starting this Friday to get DOUBLE BOOSTS on all servers!


Holiday Power Weekend

  •  Continue the epic spirit of giving and dueling with double experience and credits all weekend long!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Frostval - Gift Delivery!

  • You did it! You've restored Zorbak to his ebil self, so that now he'll continue being your best frenemy!
  • However, one final task remains: delivering the gifts before the New Year to make sure that everyone has a happy Frostval!

Guardian BONUS - Radiant Guardian Dragon Armor!

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize any time during the month of December.
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of December and then gone forever!

Giftboxes are here!

  • Be sure to grab your giftboxes from the Guardian Tower as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped!

Tibbles is here!

  • Tibbles arrives in Frostval to spread holiday cheer by gifting fellow players Z-Tokens!
  • Tibbles is also raffling off a super awesome prize!
  • When you donate tokens you will automatically be given raffle tickets based on the amount donated! The more you donate the better your chance to win!
  • The top 5 donators will receive a separate extra special, super uber prize also!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

New Xmas Dark Elf Character Gift!

  • Buy Soul Gems from now till the end of the year and get a Hanzo Void put into your Inventory at the end of the Year!

New Characters:

  • Xmas Dark Elf
  • NulgaClaus ( Created by Rev )
  • Turkonian Trooper ( Turkonian Master Evo )
  • Xmas Fiend
  • Xmas Elf

Coming Soon!

  • New Revontheus
  • Void Rebirth Evo


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

A Tale of Two Timelines

  • Frostval in Frostvale! 
  • The moglins are busily making cookies, wrapping gifts, stringing lights, and maintaining watch while you and Icemaster Yeti scope out weak spots in the defenses. 
  • This year there won't be any moglin-napping! It's sure to be quiet, right?


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Smashmas has returned to Hero Smash!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Continue defending the town of Frostvale from the once-peaceful Elves!

  • Help Dr. Kringle find out what's going on and try to stop the attacks!
  • Encounter new enemies in fierce battle!

Battle On! 

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