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Battle Gems

Posted by Artix on

Most addicting Battle RPG we have ever created

The original AdventureQuest was described as a "lunch break style game." That would make this new game we are creating, it's snack sized, ultra delicious brother. Do not worry if you are on a diet, it is 0 calories. If you are getting hungry to play... I need to warn you, this game is so addicting that we cannot stop playing it to finish it. This game will run on ALL devices from your web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Toasters, etc.

A critical part of Project: Omni

This will be our first omni-game. That is, Battle Gems will run on ALL devices. The team and I are building this game as part of Project: Omni with the ultimate goal of learning how to turn our existing 2D games (and future 3D games) into something that will run on all devices. We have learned and built A LOT in the past month. I am really excited to let you know we now have a development pipeline for creating and animating our characters across devices! We used to use Adobe Flash for all of our design and animation, but we are now moving to an crazy mix of new software. Experimenting with different programs was a huge part of this project. As it turns out, there are a lot of good solutions for the problems we are facing. What is important is picking the RIGHT ones. I am really exicted about the prospect of making a game with painted characters (something we could not do with our older vector graphics.)

When will Battle Gems be released!?

We have a month's worth of hard work left on Battle Gems. We will be releasing this as a full, complete game. The team is aiming for 256 levels, 50+ pets, hordes of monsters and map full of exciting challenges. It will be free to play the whole game, with an optional and very helpful upgrade (think original AdventureQuest.) To stop cheating, we will be limiting the amount of turns per hour. Also, we are designing this game so that it will be possible to GET EVERY WEAPON, ARMOR, HELM, PET, ITEM IN THE GAME. *nods* That is right... no inventory space. We even found an interesting way to tie your item collection into your character's power. You can read about that more on future posts. I hope you will check back often and join the team and I as we create our first omni-game. Battle on!